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Welcome to Club Swami

Your Farmer-Direct Source for Premium Sungrown Cannabis
Traditionally, farmers hold back their finest or their favorite plants for their own private reserve, or head stash, for the time spent between harvests. Now, through Club Swami, Swami’s premium plants are available in very limited allocations to our members.
An annual membership to Club Swami includes:
A reservation for four (4) quarterly allocations of an exclusive Swami Select cultivar not found in stores. These allocations are either picked up in person at a quarterly Club Swami meetup event or can be delivered directly to you. Each quarterly allocation contains 1/2 ounce of our exclusive estate cannabis in full bud/flower form, and occasionally in some rolled Swami Joints or some expertly extracted hashish prepared from our plants.
Upon entry to Club Swami, a Club Concierge will discuss cultivars and benefits with you in more detail. Of course, you can contact us at first if you have any questions.
Club Swami Member Perks
  • Quarterly allocations of Club exclusive private reserve cultivars not available anywhere else
  • Members-only meetings in person and online with Swami, Nikki, and other Club Swami members to gather and compare notes
  • Special gifts… and more!
Club Swami 2022
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